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The How U Got Started Podcast

Welcome to a podcast dedicated to helping you find your passion by sharing stories from entrepreneurs who love what they do. In each episode, we dive into their unique origin stories, the challenges they've overcome, and how they wouldn't have it any other way!

The How U Got Started podcast accomplishes 3 things:

1) It guides individuals of all ages seeking a fulfilling career change by offering insights into various professions, sparing them the frustration of trial and error.

2) It celebrates local businesses, shedding light on the resilience and challenges faced by entrepreneurs of small to medium-sized businesses.

3) It boosts the local economy - HUGS discounts are a win-win for both the listener and the local businesses we highlight. Listeners enjoy fantastic savings and businesses get a well-deserved visibility boost.

What are HUGS?

HUGS is an acronym for How U Got Started. It's a special limited-time, exclusive discount offered by guests to listeners. It's an added incentive to explore amazing local communities and connect with neighbors pushing through the challenges of business ownership and following their dreams. It's a way to feel connected to something bigger by supporting the smaller.

Excited for How U Got Started!

Viewers will experience new possibilities, connect with local businesses, and be inspired to pursue their passions. Welcome to How U Got Started!

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