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Episode 10. Gail Moore - Fitness After 50

Fitness After 50

In this How Ü Got Started episode Gail Moore shares her experience of going from 30 years in the print business to personal trainer and starting her business called Fitness After 50 in #Guelph, ON.

She's inspiring people to stay fit no matter what age, and her success comes from making fitness fun and engaging, while being able to personally relate to her clientele.

Her business continues to grow from word of mouth and her website Her clients love that she provides a safe and comfortable place to get and stay active, without the pressure of a gym environment.

Gail is refreshingly open, genuine, and caring! I know her clientele just loves her!

The HUGS offer is 1 FREE session with Gail valid until May 31, 2024! Use the code HUGS50.


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