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Episode 3. Nate Lessnick - Flow State Bike Co.: It's a Flow State of Mind

In this exciting episode, I have a conversation with Nate Lessnick, owner of Flow State Bike Co. in Arkell, Ontario, just outside of Guelph.

Nate turned a gorgeous building, perfectly located near trails, into a community hub where beginner and avid cycling enthusiasts can connect, get expert advice and tune-ups, and find boutique bike brands. It's a place where coffee, beer and conversation are flowing.

You'll hear how Nate's wife, community, and a dream he had, helped push him to follow his passion of opening a bike café. Let's join Nate and find our flow state!

The HÜGS discount code for this episode is HUGS15 to receive a 15% discount on merch and tune-ups booked online until February 29, 2024. This discount is limited to per customer. Visit


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