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Episode 4. Karry Sawatsky - Modern Deathcare: Living Life Fully as a Death Doula

In this episode I'm in awe as we discuss the often taboo subject of death. Karry Sawatsky is a death doula, death educator and author, and is one of the most calming individuals I have ever met.

Karry transforms the end of life experience from one of passivity, fear and anguish into a connection-filled, meaningful rite of passage.

She normalizes the process of dying, supports caregivers, even estranged family members, and brings clarity, peace and calmness to the dying process. She educates on how to manage and live with grief while allowing joy, peace and ease. All these things are possible!

Discover the transformative power of embracing death with Karry Sawatsky - Modern Deathcare: Living Life Fully. Learn to find peace and joy amidst grief.

The HÜGS offer is a comprehensive guide "30 Ways to be Paid as a Death Doula" for those who have a curiosity or a calling to be a support during the end-of life process.

Access the guide here:

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