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Episode 7. Miki Ackermann - Culture & Talent Works: Can You Change Your Canadian Workplace Culture?

Can you change your Canadian Workplace Culture?

Join us in this episode as we engage in a detailed discussion with Miki Ackermann from Culture & Talent Works, an expert in Human Resources Consulting and Organizational Development. Miki focuses on assisting businesses in establishing and integrating their core values into every aspect of their workplace, including culture.

Throughout the episode, Miki explains her approach, encapsulated in her tagline "Building Your Business Purposefully." She offers a methodical perspective, providing practical solutions and steps for businesses to enhance employee engagement, motivation, and interest.

Miki shares her personal journey of resilience and self-discovery, emphasizing the power of living a life aligned with one's values. Her dedication to empowering small and medium-sized businesses on their growth journey is not just inspiring—it's a call to action for businesses everywhere to thrive with purpose.

Don't miss this transformative dialogue that could redefine the way you think about your business and personal growth.

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